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Jan 15,  · MetaTrader 5 is a platform for mobile online trading on the Forex and Stock markets. The application allows you to connect to brokers' servers, receive stock prices and currency exchange rates, analyze financial markets using charts and technical indicators, trade and view the history of your trading operations/5().

However, we think that there is a lot of room for them to improve one of which is fund transfer. Set the certificate password which is known only to you, open the mobile platform, and connect to your account. Plus, since they are regulated means that there is added safety.

The most popular forex trading platform

MT4 App from GCM Asia is one of the best mobile trader in the world! Simple Position Control, customize your favorites list and get updated trends of the market.

One of the first steps to evaluating a new broker is to find out how if their services are reliable. GCM Forex is a broker that was initially established a few years back in Being relatively new to the industry is one of the biggest challenges faced by brokerage.

So, for all intents and purposes, Turkey is no so-called financial backwaters like some assume it to be. So, any business that wants to operate its financial operations in Turkey like GCM Forex will have to get a license and apparently approval from the CMB. Traders who are not familiar with the Turkish FX industry will probably not be aware of the challenges that need to be overcome to get a license.

The CMB has over the years shuttered as many as 32 Forex brokers and their websites for being in breach of regulation. Some of the leading brokers were also not spared. The fact that GCM Forex is still operating and even thriving means that they have overcome this challenge.

The company is well protected and regulated by the CMB. But a lack of history does not mean that they are a broker that will shut down operations at the drop of a hat.

One big reason being that the capital invested is tremendous. To start with GCM Forex has one of the largest and most comprehensive learning resources. You can visit their website for a complete list. At present traders using the GCM Forex broker have access to four of their primarily trading platforms:. The platform is one of the most popular and used by professional and amateur traders alike. It is known to be customizable and powerful.

This is a full-featured trading platform that can be accessed through a web browser. It also shares and syncs the wallet with other GCM Forex platforms. It offers traders the ability to execute and manage their trades from any device and any location. It is a special trading platform which combines the mobility of their mobile trading platform and WebTrader. It offers the best of both worlds to traders. Now it is possible to switch to one of the 23 available languages straight from the platform.

For example, if you prefer to use the English interface, you can choose it in the "About" page without changing the language setting of your device. It is now much easier to transfer SSL certificates from the desktop platform to the mobile one.

You no longer need iTunes to do that. MetaTrader 5 allows you to add an extra protection to your account by using a certificate. Without the certificate, connection is impossible. If the certificate was created in the desktop version, you should transfer it to be able to enter your account via a mobile device.

To do this, open a desktop platform, right-click the necessary account in the Navigator window, and select Transfer. Set the certificate password which is known only to you, open the mobile platform, and connect to your account.

You will be immediately offered to import the certificate. Besides, the latest version features the migration dialog for accounts transferred from MetaTrader 4. If your account has been transferred to the 5th generation platform, you are warmly greeted, provided with information on the new features, and offered to change your password. The trading platform now additionally supports the second position accounting system - Hedging. The new system allows opening multiple positions of the same financial instrument, including opposite positions.

Now, the platform provides both exchange trading with the netting system and Forex trading with one of the two available systems.

The new position accounting system is similar to that of MetaTrader 4, combined with all the advantages of the fifth-generation platform - execution of orders using multiple deals including partial filling , stop-limit orders, and more. Update the platform right now to see how the hedging option works. When opening a new demo account, enable the "Use hedge" option.

The option will be available if your broker's server has already been updated and configured. Also, the new version includes minor bug fixes and improvements. Now you can conveniently view long lists of trading operations, as well as read news and emails. They only appear on the current chart now. Display on other symbols can be enabled in object settings.

To optimize chart area, enable object display only for the timeframes you need. Select news categories to follow what is interesting for you. Add the news items you like to Favorites to quickly access them wherever you need. Search news by headlines. Such assets are displayed as open positions. They increase the free margin amount, thus increasing the volumes of allowable trade operations on the account.

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