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Historical signals overview

Jayne is a young human woman with almost translucent skin, snowy wisps of white hair, and cool blue eyes. Very light chain tattoos are drawn along her collarbone, disappearing under her dress. Jayne comes from four generations of women who have all served the Chained Oblivion. For reasons unknown, Jayne once saved Clothesline's life, and Clothesline felt she owed her a favor because of it. Jayne asked Clothesline to start a bar fight after a certain signal. Though Clothesline felt a degree of obligation to Jayne, the feeling was not reciprocal; Jayne felt that Clothesline knew too much about where Jayne came from, and attempted to kill Clothesline multiple times throughout the night they spent at the bar.

Jayne was under the impression that Holly was fey-touched and connected to Pelor , and would therefore make a good sacrifice.

As a death cleric of the Chained Oblivion, Jayne has an increased capacity to deal necrotic damage. Combined with her paranoia and willingness to casually murder others, her destructive powers can easily result in the deaths of her own allies. Sign In Don't have an account? In other words, we shorten, connect and find the best value chains, starting from the producer all the way to you as a customer. Just tell us what you need, where and when we should deliver - and we will take care of the rest.

Being a family company, we know and value the importance of close relationships. HHK is built on long-term relationships with our suppliers, customers and employees. Our broad variety of products is sourced from a large and global network of producers, suppliers and partners.

Moreover, our network with contractors and producers have been developed throughout three decades of transactions and cooperation. This gives us a unique insight into production conditions and show us the possibilities and direct challenges our producers and suppliers face during their working day. Of course, we share this insight directly with our customers.

Home We work for you What can we do for you? How do we do it? This is why you should do business with us. Quality control Supplier Selection Logistics Commercialisation. We work for you HHK is a Colombian-Danish family owned company which has been in the business of foods on the international markets for more than 30 years. What can we do for you? We deliver a broad range of competitive food products within several different categories.

How are we doing it? Why you should consider to work with us. As mentioned, we are available as your assistance and tool when you need support in the choice and improvement of your purchase.

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