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The goal is to find the strongest trending markets and to follow those until the trend weakens or you find a stronger trend. The best time frames for this is the daily, 4-hour, 3-hour, 2-hour and the hourly charts.

Traders will typically profit from this situation by identifying trends and then holding positions that benefit from an overall continuance of price movements in the direction of an established trend.

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If you decide to get in as quickly as possible, you can consider entering a trade as soon as an uptrend or downtrend is confirmed. On the other hand, you could wait for a pullback within the larger overall primary trend in the hope that this offers a lower risk opportunity.

There are many indicators that can fit this bill. However, one that is useful from a trading standpoint is the three-day relative strength index , or three-day RSI for short.

This indicator calculates the cumulative sum of up days and down days over the window period and calculates a value that can range from zero to If all of the price action is to the upside, the indicator will approach ; if all of the price action is to the downside, then the indicator will approach zero.

A reading of 50 is considered neutral. Generally speaking, a trader looking to enter on pullbacks would consider going long if the day moving average is above the day and the three-day RSI drops below a certain trigger level, such as 20, which would indicate an oversold position. Conversely, the trader might consider entering a short position if the day is below the day and the three-day RSI rises above a certain level, such as 80, which would indicate an overbought position.

Different traders may prefer using different trigger levels. In fact, the three-day RSI can also fit into this category. In other words, a trader holding a long position might consider taking some profits if the three-day RSI rises to a high level of 80 or more. Conversely, a trader holding a short position might consider taking some profit if the three-day RSI declines to a low level, such as 20 or less.

A trader holding a long position might consider taking some profits if the price reaches the upper band, and a trader holding a short position might consider taking some profits if the price reaches the lower band. A final profit-taking tool would be a " trailing stop. There are many ways to arrive at a trailing stop.

Figure 7 illustrates just one of these ways. Each day the average true range over the past three trading days is multiplied by five and used to calculate a trailing stop price that can only move sideways or lower for a short trade , or sideways or higher for a long trade.

If you are hesitant to get into the forex market and are waiting for an obvious entry point, you may find yourself sitting on the sidelines for a long while. By learning a variety of forex indicators, you can determine suitable strategies for choosing profitable times to back a given currency pair. Also, continued monitoring of these indicators will give strong signals that can point you toward a buy or sell signal. As with any investment, strong analysis will minimize potential risks.

A Trend-Following Tool It is possible to make money using a countertrend approach to trading. ProfitSource Many investors will proclaim a particular combination to be the best, but the reality is, there is no "best" moving average combination.

The following sections cover how traders identify trends, manage their money and trade trends in the forex market in currency pairs against the U. Dollar and in the crosses. Check out more forex strategy articles here. Forex traders using technical analysis to identify trends will often draw a couple of straight trend lines on price charts.

The first of these lines is drawn through the low points of the price action where the market was going lower, but reversed higher. The second line will be drawn through the observed price highs where the market was heading higher, but reversed lower.

When this pair of lines runs roughly parallel to each other then the pattern they create is known as a channel. A channel can be used to identify a trend in progress, as well as to provide measured move objectives if it is broken by the price action.

If the lines are not parallel, but still supported by a considerable number of reversal points, they still might be used by a forex trader to indicate support or resistance levels that may well affect the price action going forward.

Also, if the lines are moving in the same direction, i. Traders following trends will usually benefit from employing good money management practices to help mitigate their risk and protect their profits.

Read more on money management. One way they might do this is by using trailing stop loss orders that will protect their position and any accumulated profits in the case of a significant market reversal, while at the same time permitting their profits to run as high as possible.

Additional indicators are not contained in a standard set of the popular trading systems, but can be found in a network freely. Tasks of indicators in strategy: All indicators are presented in the form of histograms. While the position with respect to zero level is not of interest here as the points of intersection of the central line are not considered as a trading signal , only colour and height of the elements of a histogram are used for the analysis.

The reliable trading signal requires that conditions for all three indicators must have been met. StopLosses and TakeProfits are mandatory. Positions are held open until two of three Trend Finder indicators change color on the opposite or in case of achievement of the profit level.

StopLosses and TakeProfits - under the regular scheme. We enter the transaction at opening of the candle where the following conditions have been satisfied. For the purchase, if:

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