How to Start Trading Forex Online in Kenya? was born to fill a whole in the market for reliable and balanced information about the Forex trading market. While we cater mostly to newbies, we try and address issues that can be of interest to the intermediate trader.

You can open an account online in less than five minutes and deposit money with your debit card or other online payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Cash U, Paysafecard and many more.

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Forex Trading Basics. Foreign Exchange trading, better known as Forex trading, is the concurrent buying of one currency while selling another. Forex trading is based on the movements of a set of currencies that are sold in currency pairs, where one currency is the base and one is the counter or quote currency.

Their website has plenty of online educational resources like video tutorials, one-on-one training sessions with one of their expert brokers, and other helpful resources. You can also gain access to helpful tools like ones used for technical analysis, market commentaries, and a news ticker to keep you abreast with anything happening in the marketplace.

Once you learn the basics of forex trading, the next step would be finding the right broker and trading platform that you will use to make money. It just so happens that easyMarkets also has an easy-to-use web trading platform that you can use for free; with just a click of your mouse, you can execute trades that can make you thousands of dollars richer.

You can also download their desktop trading application so you can gain access to more tools and settings, and they also have a mobile app so you can keep track of your trades even when you are not in front of your computer; you can also get live support from one of their expert account managers for whenever you have any questions or disputes.

Now that you have chosen a broker and a trading platform to use, the next step is to register your account and deposit funds into it so you can get started. With easyMarkets, you only need to go online, create an account and then add funds to it using your credit card; you can also do a transfer from your savings account if you wish. Now, if you are still a bit apprehensive about risking your money on the forex trading market, easyMarkets can provide you with a demo account which you can use to simulate trades at real time, using real-world market conditions; and if you make it to the top three monthly demo users, you can also receive free trading credits as a prize; so not only are you getting some practice in trading, you can also start trading without putting out any of your own money at risk.

It is really easy to get started in forex trading; you only need to follow the simple instructions mentioned above, and you can immediately get started making money in the exciting and highly lucrative forex trading market. Founded in , easyMarkets has revolutionized currency trading and is now being used by traders from over countries all over the world.

Forex trading was once only accessible to professional brokers and large companies, but thanks to easyMarkets, even regular folks like you can now engage in trades and actually make a decent living out of it. Besides currency pairs, users can also trade in other commodities using the easyMarkets trading platform. Using just one easyMarkets account, users can also trade in other commodities like gold and oil with the same amount of ease. Do keep in mind that a market as volatile as Forex comes with risks too.

Being aware of this will help you to make smart trades. This is what leads to rash decisions, mistakes and loss. Just like stock trading, patience, caution and strategic decisions are trading behaviours to follow. Because the Forex market is more volatile than the stock market, you are inevitably dealing with risk when you trade.

The liquidity of this market is exciting but it also comes with danger. Since currency value is affected by a number of factors, this means that price is subject to many influences in domestic and global contexts. Keeping abreast with global events will give you some idea of how this works, but no one can predict the future. This is where hour trading is a huge plus — you can make quick decisions and trades when you need to.

Because of the inherent volatility of the Forex market, you should abide by a guideline that is true with all trading and investment: Trade within your means.

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