10 Tips to understand which binary robots might be a “scam” and which ones are “honest” binary trading software or robots Tip 1: avoid binary robots without a “REAL” trial period A REAL trial period is when you do not have to open a binary account in order to use the robot.

In case the software executes actual trades, it could also demotivate you in not being an active part of the game. It's also a doddle to adjust its snare by hand thanks to its clever three-string mechanism. Example of a real binary session statement. Scam binary robot vendors usually do not publish phone numbers, they usually do not have an office and they usually open website to only sell CPA-generating robots and close after the bulk of the money is made. If the software is fully automated, it will make more trades than you manually processing the trades.

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Because the vendor will receive a CPA from the broker in exchange of any new account opened and funded. This could be a genuine and honest thing to do by the vendor if he openly declares the CPA issue. There is nothing wrong in doing this if the robot is a valuable tool. It might happen that the robot does not work for that specific week but still remains a good product.

Like in this binary option site, at some point the offer introduces also the free version of the robot through opening and funding a new brokerage account. We could even understand if the vendor of the robot wants to make some money with CPAs, but that must be additional, and the robot must work regardless of any new account opening.

Click here for other examples of Tip 1. Real statements are like this, where you see at least the full session and not just a few trades of a session, as it might be that some trades were good and some were bad, and the whole session was negative. Example of a real binary session statement.

Click here for other examples of Tip 3. Also in this case, the risk of having a robot software just aiming at getting CPAs is even higher. It seems trivial to say, but it is always a good idea to read reviews.

Many vendors, expecially those selling through affiliate networks, do offer a days money back guarantee. This is the purchase page of Auto Binary Signals , which leads you to the Clickbank checkout page. Here you can see the Clickbank return policy link. Following this link you can reach the text of the return policy. Having the confirmation of the money back guarantee from Clickbank is even more important as Clickbank is one of the leading company in handling online payments and with the highest standards and the best practice in the industry.

Click here for other examples of Tip 6. One check that we make regularly is to send an email to the contact page email and see how long it will take to get an answer. Usually, the scam robot vendor do not even bother to answer and only try to build contact lists to send marketing emails. Also this is a sign of seriousness and professionality. Scam binary robot vendors usually do not publish phone numbers, they usually do not have an office and they usually open website to only sell CPA-generating robots and close after the bulk of the money is made.

Click here for other examples of Tip 9. The majority of the vendors declare everything, but you have to be careful in reading it all. Look for example at this case: This promo reimbursing the first trades in case of loss is given by many brokers, in other words it is not an unusual promo. Having said all the above tips, the next question is: Beautifully designed and packed with power, it also sounds great when played with brushes.

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