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This scalping indicator gives multiple trade alerts, so you will have plenty of opportunity to make trades. Leverage can work against you just as easily as it can work for you. This course was developed to accommodate a wide range of experience levels, including the more novice trader.


We will show you how to recognize and capture great Forex trading opportunities in this step-by-step training course. Flexible - With these methods and tools, you will learn how to scalp the Forex markets effectively in the active trading sessions. Simple and Powerful — We teach strategies that you can learn and apply quickly after studing and understanding the course material. We provide you with specific entry criteria and optional analytical tools to help visually identify scalping opportunities.

The Forex Scalping Strategy Course represents many months of development and is a culmination of observing and trading the Forex over the years. This course will offer you access to everything you need to be a successful scalper in the Forex market. We provide you with a solid understanding of scalping techniques through many trade examples. Past performance of this and any trading methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

There's no profitability promises nor claims being made. Individual trader's result will be different. Trading currencies on margin involves a high level of risk which may not be suitable for all investors. Forex Scalping is a very popular trading strategy amongst pro traders.

Scalping means in nutshell quickly entering and exiting the market each time grabbing a few pips something like pips per trade. So, each time you enter the market and exit in a short duration of time, you will have to pay this spread of 3 pips as a trading cost. The main reason why you need to learn scalping is that most of the time the currency market is ranging and consolidating or what you call moving sideways. This is the best time for scalping as the market is moving sideways without any clear direction as compared to when it is trending and has a clear up or down direction.

Now, there are certain times of the day that are best suited for scalping. There are many automated trading systems that solely use scalping as the core strategy. These scalper robots if programmed well can make many trades each day grabbing a few pips each time they trade. At the end of the day, these pips add up into hundreds of pips for some scalper robots. This makes scalping dangerous. Never using a stop loss or using a wide stop loss is a dangerous strategy that can give you a big loss all of a sudden if the market moves suddenly.

This is the same problem with most of these scalper robots. So, before you trade with a scalper robot, make sure that it is using a stop loss. This way you are protected when the market suddenly moves against you.

Also make sure that the stop loss used by the scalper robot is not too wide.

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