68 Sqn, Royal Corps of Transport

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I was glad I was at Wunstorf.

Department Managers

Blackmore Vale Revival is an annual Classic Vehicle and Vintage Show, held at the beginning of July. Visitors traditionally dress in vintage clothing at the show, which includes trade and craft stalls, family entertainment, beer and refreshment tents and arena entertainment, all in the style of .

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Über das System lassen sich effizient die Währungskurse von bis zu 75 verschiedenen Banken gleichzeitig einholen. The South African Treasurer. Das teilte T Anfang dieser Woche mit. At that time I couldn't speak German. He was waving his hands sideways and saying "nein nein nein hier verbotten für englander". Me being a Scot, I started to try and explain the difference then I heard "hier ruskies nicht englander". At that time if reds caught you in their zone they kept you for six months.

On release, you were then charged with desertion. I think I would have beaten Roger Bannister back up mountain. Even at the top I didn't stop and slid down on my backside from path to path until safe again. Just down the road from Bad Harzburg is a town called Goslar. A Scottish regiment was stationed there. I don't know why but the Canadian government decided to send some troops to Germany. Being a dominion at that time,they were not allowed in the American zone. We had a small scale black market going with Germans at the time.

Just enough to give us a free day out once a week. When the Canucks came, they swamped the market leaving us out in the cold. The idiots in charge had put them in Goslar beside the Scots. To cut a long story short, after about three or four weekend battles leaving some dead and many injured on both sides, an agreement was made for a week each for the Scots and Canucks. The Germans were amazed that allies could fight so bitterly.

I was glad I was at Wunstorf. For almost the first year I didn't smoke or drink and when the boys finished work at 12 o'clock Saturday, I would go to the hanger and do maintenance on my trucks or on the planes. I even did harmonisations on my own. Normally a five man job. I suppose I was the original nerd. There is one in every squadron. The I started going out to Hanover. Views Read Edit View history.

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