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Thank you — and please…just take your time. Keep in mind that withdrawals are processed to the original funding methods. Up to then stay with us to learn more interesting and useful things about foreign currency exchange market and acticity! Maintaining low excess margin levels in your account may prohibit you from trading certain products or lead to undesired liquidations resulting from an adverse market move. If you use the no deposit bonus and you lose, you do not actually lose anything and you do not owe anything to the broker.

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The Bladerunner is a forex price action strategy trading strategy that uses pure Price Action to find use candlesticks, pivot points, round numbers and good old support and resistance levels when trading this strategy.

The question is what currency pair to look at in order to get better grasp what market mode currently is. Personally — I look at the SP as the largest measure of global risk appetite, and in turn watch all the major currencies to see if money is flowing in or out of the safe havens.

Wondering if there would be any synergies. We are a new broker, very flexible and keen on working closely with our partners for mutual benefit. Hiya, does somebody have any genuine opinions of the Forex Megadroid computer program? The various opinions online just look to be affiliates. Thanks for the tips. Hi is your forum still active I have subscribed and signed in but cannot access the members forum. Many online……Think or Swim a great platform……Questrade in Canada is also good.

Home Who is Forex Kong? Real Time Trading With Kong. There are no silly questions! So please — just ask! What is your estimated time when you will have your trading system in place for subscribers? Hi Jerry and thanks for asking. Thanks again for your interest. Sorry if my english not good. Tio — your English is fine. Hey Kong, I like your blog and writing style, is there a way to contact you privately? Hi Forex Kong, I am a keen follower.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for letting me know Anish. Your bank may take additional time to credit the funds to your account. Funds deposited with eCheck are not available for withdrawal until 5 business days after the deposit date. Fund transfers are available between linked accounts. To link accounts, click the Link Account button in the Summary section of MyAccount and follow the instructions. After the accounts are linked, you can click the Transfer button in the Funding section of MyAccount to transfer funds between them.

A withdrawal of funds will result in a reduction of funds available to be used for margin to maintain open positions. This may result in the liquidation of any or all of my open positions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the account holds enough margin to maintain open positions.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed. However, your bank may charge a service fee. Wire transfers that involve a bank outside the US, may require an intermediary US bank. Intermediary banks may charge a transaction fee.

A third party is considered to be anyone who is not an owner of the account. Documentation must include the following: Insufficient funds Incorrect expiry date Incorrect CVC number the 3-digit security code on the back of your card Invalid card number Out-of-date address details Suspected fraudulent transaction To resolve this, you will need to contact your card issuer. No, we do not accept payments through Western Union or Paypal. Deposited funds must be returned to the originating funding source in the following order: Additional fees may be applied by receiving bank Wire transfers that involve a bank outside the US, may require an intermediary US bank.

How do I fund my account? Can I fund with a personal check or business check? How is my money protected? What is third-party funding? Can I use more than one card to fund my account?

What should I do if the card I used to fund my account is closed, lost, stolen or not available for withdrawal? How will a card deposit appear on my bank statement? Why is the amount posted in my account less than the amount I wired? How do I withdraw funds from my account?

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