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Whole Product Dynamic “Real-World” Protection Test – (February-June ) car-insurance1.ml - 3 - Introduction Malicious software poses an ever-increasing threat, not only due to the number of malware programs.

Resin cladding allows for a dazzling array of colors as well as a lightweight and flexible construction that can be modified and curved to suit a myriad of designs.

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Systemdek 3D precision turntable. Equipment+. by Roy Gregory | Jun 06, Categories: Turntables | Products: Systemdek 3D Precision. History is a funny thing. It can be positive – or it can be negative. Generally speaking, saying that you “have history” with someone, isn’t good. Nor is it a fixed or finite truth, famously being.

Thin, lightweight and customizable, Spark uses LED sources on its edge to extend light across its entire surface. Ideal for dynamic areas with programmable lighting, Spark is designed to fit into tight spaces. Currently available in 7 different scalable patterns that can be specified in 20 different background colors.

Use raw transparent, opaque, film, and mirror colors - or intermingle them in combinations — to create a unique color palette. Create precise tints, add iridescence, or insert smartfilm that can morph from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch. Matte Renewable Surface Finish. A Frosted Surface Finish reduces surface reflections and softens patterns.

Strategic pairing of lighting variables and material achieves a distinctive final impact. Combine wood, art or fabric with our materials to accentuate wood grain, pixelate art-work or add a new dimension to fabric textures. The warmth of real wood and reflection of its grain and texture through the myriad patterns of our materials lead to a perfect synchrony.

The myriad patterns and their variations offer immense design opportunities with Interlayers. Hardware solutions are carefully selected to balance both aesthetic and function. Our edge and corner treatments are the link between material, design intent, and the installed environment.

The flexible nature of our material enables curvatures, allowing them to fit into unique spaces and onto underlying millwork. Precise machining of shapes and cut-outs make complex designs simple to install.

Show the 3D Precision to audiophiles of a certain age and they come over all misty eyed, fondly reminiscing about those older Systemdeks record players they were probably all too quick to dismiss with the impetuosity of youth.

Likewise, the company has passed from father Peter Dunlop to sons Derek and Ramsay with unbroken continuity, and the current designs are clearly the result of all that accumulated knowledge and experience, from the use of a laminated sub-chassis in the Reference to the highly evolved suspension system across the range.

Look beneath the solid exterior of the 3D turntables and you quickly discover the strengths inherent in that original DNA, firmly supporting the thoroughly modern feature list. The heart of any turntable is the main bearing and drive system. The bearing supports a 50mm thick Delrin platter that is driven peripherally from a separate, free-standing motor pod. But showing that they are not simply following fashion, the large diameter pulley sits atop an AC synchronous motor, driven from a sophisticated external and user adjustable power supply.

The bearing is of course supported on a floating sub-chassis, machined from solid aluminium and hanging from three spring assemblies that allow levelling from above — a distinct improvement on previous Systemdek set ups. The substantial depth of the platter mandates a Delrin up-stand beneath the armboard, a mixed material construction that helps inhibit ringing in the sub-chassis.

The substantial suspended mass combined with the spring extension is responsible for the stable, low-frequency motion of the suspension system, also inherited from and so reminiscent of the original. The Systemdek suspension has a calm, unflustered feel that gives the whole record player a subtle sense of luxury, a quality reinforced by the massive aluminium chassis, stainless steel uprights, and hardware. Quite apart from its contribution to the dynamic character of the deck, that high suspended mass also makes the 3D precision far more tolerant of arm-mass and off-set, an important consideration if it really is going to match the widest range of tonearms.

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