Why use Financial Astrology to trade FX?

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However i did their course and it was just amazing. Then, in the left top combo select "MeruWorldChart". The degree at which Sun's aspect is highest with respect to that of Venus is There are two combo boxes at top. Financial astrology in Forex lol i like this thread.

Financial astrology in Forex

Jan 14,  · Astroforex (Course) (UK) Beginner Questions. coughs UTC #1. After Shawn Powell and Aman Natt sold me on their Forex training course for over £, using displays of wealth such as Luxury Watches and Expensive sports cars as examples of their own success.

Originally Posted by wdgannlive. Indicators show the past. Price Action "Indicates" the future. Aug 28, , 2: I like Benny hill Astrology in forex, wow hehe. Financial astrology in Forex Need to know the "first trade dates" of the major crosses. Financial astrology in Forex i use bonnie hill' dates also take a look how astrology can predict forex movement accurately Last edited by wdgannlive; Aug 28, at 9: Financial astrology in Forex Quote: Not some pics to show their success, LOL.

Not only that, I later discover that just recently Shawn Lee Powell was living in a 2 bedroom council house with his mother and the office which they use on Birmingham's Broad Street government funded. What's not believable about that mate?

Sorry I'm inexperience and I just want to find reliable information. Take a look on Google or some other forums. Any company that signs up to forums under fake names to tell everyone how great they are is not, imho, to be trusted. I noticed that they're 1st on tradingview what exactly does that mean? Sure there are some members here who have yet to gain experience, but hey, leave them alone, they will learn without what my old English teacher called 'codology'.

Natt, you are not Shaun Powell, it is not necessary to resort to name calling as in BS or keyboard etc etc, if you feel that you need to defend then use wisdom. Coughs, you want to learn? Sorry I am the thread creator and I didn't think anyone answered my question. You have answered it partly by saying I will learn for free if I stick around here.

I would like to learn about price action, fibonacci and ichimoku clouds so I am guessing you don't recommend Astroforex? Other than Astroforex staff, I don't think anyone on here has had a good word to say about them. Work your way through Pipschool, you will find everything you will ever need there, all for free.

Honestly I am not affiliated with Astroforex I want to eventually have a Audi R8 is that realistic? It happens that in your question you used an age old marketer trick of showing how a person can enjoy all the luxuries of getting rich quick by including the graphics. Followed their Technical Tuesday video's and gained lot of information. A little bit scared because it was my first time in England and i was alone.

However i did their course and it was just amazing. It was an eye opener for me and Shaun was very friendly! It's all about psychology and Money management. AstroFx was a great 3 day course, they broke down the different stages of trading and explained the reasons why you need to break the graphs down.

Before the course, I personally thought i understood how the markets works and trading works to an extent, but little did i know, how technical and precise the graphs and the market are.

After the course AstroFx gave all the students a breakdown of the different stages from top down analysis to money management and risk reward etc. So after the course, I left feeling very excited and, very glad i took the course and feeling very motivated to learn, practise and continue my trading journey with the information i've been given and was shown during my 3 days.

Thank you again Guys appreciate the guidance and structure you have shown which I will incorporate into my trading pattern. Meet The Team Our team has a combined experience of over 14 years. Request a Callback Our team will contact you shortly. Submit Submitting form, please wait. Any location, any experience, anybody. Select Country Canada United Kingdom. London, UK Astrofx holds workshops in London on a regular basis. Australia Astrofx will be holding workshops in Sydney shortly, dates to be confirmed.

Birmingham Astrofx will be returning to host a workshop in Birmingham. Take on the market with our powerful trading setups. Forex Trading Trade alongside our professional team, using the same platforms, strategies and trading plan.

Trading Tools Familiarize yourself with advanced strategies and trading toolset. Technical Analysis Technical analysis uses chart patterns and techniques to predict future price movements. Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysts consider all available data to help them to determine the relative value of a market. Risk Management Get to know why you should focus on position sizing and why risk management is crucial to trading success.

Video Tutorial Various trading principles and study case video tutorials from our professional trainers and practitioners. Select Nearest City Birmingham London.

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