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Martin dead 7i Cornerstone lavinu' of Fir. Workflow Manager I work more than a year with InstaForex international broker and still everything suits me well. Hialeah furni- ture factory owner, was elected to a four-year term as councilman in Ba Harbor Islands last week.

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The Irish world and American industrial liberator. Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N. Ithaca journal and advertiser. The Journal and Republican and Lowville times. The journal and Republican.

The Kingston journal and weekly freeman. The Kingston weekly freeman and journal. Lackawanna's steel city press. The Lake Placid news. Lake shore news and times. The lamron Geneseo, N. Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. Levana gazette ; or, Onondaga advertiser. The Lewis County banner. The Little Valley hub. The Long Island advance. Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. Jamaica, Queens County, N. The Long Island farmer.

The Long Island traveler, Mattituck watchman. The Long Island traveler-watchman. Southold, Long Island, N. The Long Island traveler. Lowville leader and Lyons-Leyden ledger. The Lowville times and Lewis County independent. The Massena press and Norfolk times. Mc'Grawville, Cortland County, N.

The Medina daily journal and Medina register. The Medina Daily Journal. The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima sentinel. The Mexico independent and deaf-mutes' journal. The New Greece press. The New Paltz independent and times. New-Paltz, Ulster County, N. The New Rochelle pioneer. The Newark courier-gazette, the Marion enterprise. The Newark Liberal campaign union. Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. Youngstown, Niagara County, N. The North Creek news enterprise. The North River times.

The North Westchester times ; New Castle tribune. The North Westchester times. Northern New York journal. Northern New York semi-weekly journal. Northern New York weekly journal. Northern tribune and Gouverneur herald-times. The Ogdensburg advance and St. Lawrence and Clayton independent. The Oswego daily palladium. The Oswego palladium and Republican chronicle. The Otsego herald ; or, Western advertiser. Penn-Yan, Ontario County, N. Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.

The Plattsburgh sentinel and Clinton County farmer. The Pokeepsie evening enterprise. The Port Jefferson echo. Port Jervis daily union. The Port Jervis union. It not only afCorded him amusement, bat by long,. Their four weapons of warfare were the arrow, the battle ax.

A single and a double edged tomahawk with the wooden handle was fastened iu the deep groove with deer skin. In the strong hands of the Indian they were a for midable i FtrumeDt to defend tjieir wis? This mortar has a Mount are several holes in the projecting rock, holding two or three quarts, which were once used by the Indiau. It was worn like the amulet by the virgin daughters of the chiefs as evi- dence of royalty, and for the purpose of charming away danger and insuring good crops of corn and tofiacco.

It is about four inches in length. A string of mrnipun and beads were ex- hnmed ifom Capoose Mound some years arn. Jn Connecticut, iu llilJT, a 1 ' ,: A liirpe number of? The collcetioii of Mr. I was much inttr. Meat pumpkin 1,- down on the Hat near tla r. The hundr ed very tin- spear he ads. So jou see that Kiver Street wa-. The far as is kuoun. The one service for the re-ipter W riglit as worshiptul proper grave-yard.

The form of procession master: Two Tjlers bearing their sword-. A band of music. Two Ucicoiis with wands. Three brethren bearing the orders. Wi Tlie I-nblic D. Mib- ject which has presented it-elf lo tlie pres- ent, or perhaps any iret-.

Jf the Indian titles, it is suUicient to say that, sham philauthropy to the contrary uotwithstand- inp, no set of people on earth were ever treated with the coii-ideraliun ou- Indians have ofteb i. Territory," was claimed by l ' - ' ii a part, some all; nam. But tlie general Government had no lamis to give.

They were claimed exclusively by a few of the colonies, and of the others it is surprising that only one s: Mourue tr in ISo; l. Bui the Soiitb was viclorioiis in Sullix. U hand million acres. It will be of interest to sf. The fJennantowu Ti'li-gt-aph for Novem- ber 10 contains an historical article on ". It is full of interesting matter relating to the Uevolmi -i': Martin Coryell, of i,ambertville, N.

Coryell, and her sister, Mrs. Day, trom whom Day's Lane takes its name. A previous article by. Hotchkin was rlescriptive of "The Chew House and the Battle of iermantown. Ml the Clu on t ,s N,, ircli of. Sarah Seiileppy, Clara baibci, J.. The session of the church of Hanover and Newport continued to meet in tne school 'J'ho nhove is the title of a 10 pafte pamph- let by lion. The first trace lie can cet of hi. Uier, who wasof thesixth. Dorrance moderated the Se-.

They had eight cliildreii. He was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary army, resid- ed in Exeter Township, l. Steuben Jenkins is the third nf their: Justices of the Court lid '.

The advcrti-ement says that Si4st. Ihe date ot the nows- paper is Clot. I know that my prand mother often told us there were money and property for ns it we ROt our rights. New Vi rk City, for their hook rctrister. Wu can only reiterate what we have heretofore said upon this subject.

One of the in. Loop's character is his promptness and this determination to catch the 7: NE of the little deceptions which pleased our forefathers was a piece of furniture, looking like a liook. Susan luok-i IS th. IG, says that M. Ill ISoti he was iiij;li iti the class. I the President Lincoln's call for 75, men, at the outbreak of the rebellion, received an immediate answer from the Fencibles, who elected oilicers, Beaver being chosen tirst lieuleiiant.

Male when two jeai,-, of: Beaver , he was honural jii disch a. Whil- at the hospit: Beaver became too restless for the surgeons, und on the eve of a decisive battle, rode Tllh: P i 10 i- a brolhtr of Dr. K and iin uucle of Dr. When less than a year old he wa: Stewart, though but 10 years old. His popularity y the fact th: Mifh b, i RicC' for llio -nzeriie Coaiity, the candi- ' - party.

Kidgway Wright, elected to rei rc? The first of the name, John Wright, held a commission of Justice of the Peace and captain of militia under the seal royal of King Charles IL Caleb Wright, a grandson of John, removed to the Susque- hanna country in 17!

C and settled near w;hat is now Shickr-hinny, but returned to Now Jer ey in , leaving here a son. Joseph, grandfather of the deceased. Joseph Wright was for many years a prominent and influential citizen of Plymouth, or, as that portion of tli3 valley "was formerly called,!

I'-- ol Prince- i: Ho is deservedly popular and has hosts of friends. Hendrick Wright Search is one of the rising — indeed, risen— men of the young Democracy. He was born iu Shickshinuy in 1'-. Starch, one oi tl;e most prominent citizens of the lower end.

He was educated at the public schools, and after graduating therefrom he entered the store ot i. Lot Search, jvhere he wa- e.. He served three It-. K year ago he mar- ried Mi-s Church, a charming young ladv livmL' m Ash. NominaUa liy accl maliou, wilhoiil oiipo-itiou, and rcccivi: WcGinty, of Ebervale, was bo in Burhani. McGiuty li i h - ;. He has always been a con-istent and hard working Democrat. He has held and ac- ceptably filled local otljce', hut this is the first time he was ever a candidate for a county office.

Joh most n nig art. The first four- were spent upon a he was apprenticed to the carpenter's four lati pared himself by niL'l. I consecutive years, i. Mahon is a prominent member of the Luzerne V. Medical So- ciety, and probably nearly every Kepnblican vote of that organization was cast for him. Juartei rfessions courts in the country. Ilo is thoroughly honest and upright and well liked. It was a wonder. Archibald Alexander Hodge, A. Jlodse does not break tfie i'. Beloni;int; to a pa-t i: He was a brother of the laie -M.

Sturdevant, of this city, and his survivin- children are Col. Kobiuson, of Skinner's IMdy. Uis wife's death, as noted in lheKi oi;oat the time, was the first to bi. Jacob I Weiss, hton. Valle lamily there shortly aft. He had three br-. L on the ri. J Waller, t and of the late Ju. OUO settlers of tin-: The funeral was attended by a large con- grcgatiou of those who had known her for more than half a century.

Her remains were lowered to their last, resting place in the little cemetery at f rackliu Forks, by two sous and four grandsons acting as pail bearers. An incident, none the fact that it had been expee Tuesday, Nov. III ir- 7r,;i, Willi. IRS of the Lehiali ' ot de- Valley.

The n any friends of Kev. I will ' Iphia, itc— through Harre. Phoenix Hotel, It l;. Kobert Ralston, just deceased , Sydney iirtesc and Kliza- both Breese.

Sila s Buigi i. V vho 1 ii-ere pointed: Barre at the ig irices. Vt thi tiinp coal, per ton of 'i. Kils I'ifty Vtiirs Ago. Wilkes-Barre, but also the whole county. Shall it be said that the institution which our fathers reared wh. Joiits and i may be par.. Miner, shall be neglected Me that the iu- vell as The Willies-l!. All of the rare historical trE-a?

It ii, pro- will be rem: Ju l-Ji w a. H of the extent he was r-h,,-en secretary of th- St;imp Act to whirii '1 u,,nld be patronized Cin-re. Dewoy's Iiluii would not:. Written for the Young. The stone arch brid-e, at sn early a day. Vfter the Sentinel diuuk and ilien ear-ily re-cued the prisoner, 'i he contests between the Yankees ai.

Wright's interestinj; narrative- Karnes of familiar pioneers are here and there in- troduc d. Wrmht may well entertain a just pride in being its author.

Sam Hunter on th. Historical Notes 76 Paper Printed by Indi. Fairview, 1-ony-Fort, Freeland, G! J I-von, Clcn Sunu. Reaches eveiv pust-otVice in Luzerne county, and ciradates widely out- t side. Tiie types ; and other appliances necessary to the pr'-'duction of good printing have i all been seiectod v.

A Narative of Pioneer MillVriim. All these are now in tlji- cu-todi: It is an obitni Ml -; li, 1 Mvi-from the slaughter. I says her maiden namewas Lli. Davison mentioned in tlio letter was tlie father of John ],. Tlie obituary was taken from the Theresa Chroiticti', Jefferson Co. Unci, were known to be fond. Slii mingled with them a qu.

Where the girl had eNport, a to iiud the mangled corpse of her father, no tr. Having eluded the savage who had been intent on haviug his scalp, he kept himself secreted till their de- parture. Jn another i tressed wife, v. T lor nine - ': Su-iectmg that all was not right, the heroic gi: Though m momentary apprehension of a recapture, or a scarcely more dreaded death that seemed inevitable from exposure or starvation, the hopes of this hunted party seemed not to be broken till on the third dav of their second flight, tho arrival of Col.

Accordingly, he set out innneiHately with his family, consisting of eight children, all of whom were under sixteen jears of age, to return to Poughkeepsie, whither the mother of these children had some time r. They had now a distance of some two hundred mile- to traverse. The cattle, with the goods secured upon the backs of the oxen, were given in charge of the heroic Elizabeth, now but seventeen years of age, who, vcithout shoes ani with for 1 ler head hat, and hed with B r charge.

At length the toihvorn party arrived at their destination in. Refugees bereft of home and possessions, the evils of destitution and want, reared their formida- ble front to menace the happiness of this sorely tried family.

Yet, Elizabeth and her sisters p ocured employment in the families of their more wealthy ne'ghbors, and th. It was while thus em- plojed that Elizabeth met her future hus- band in the person of a continental soldier, who became some few mouth- later her companion for tittj-two years of wedded felicity.

The subject of this sketch was the mother of thirteen children, four boys and nine girls, mn. The unrrntive is iuleresiing, but cannot bo relied upon for historical nccumcy, ns is to be expected when it be renieiubertd that it IS the recollection of her childhood days by a woman in the extremity ot at: Ab narrated to her childrun the in- cidents would naturally be majiuiiied by those who transcribe them, from "a p: V', family traditiiins are.

For example, it is hi;;! That of Davison does not appear anywhere in our local histories. Nor does that of i'itchet. The refer- ence to Col. Butler as returning with a force of men, dispersing the Indians and garrison- ing Fort U ilkes-Barre, is also a confusion of fact. If any of oar readers are iu [lossession of information that wi: It is a pamphlet of I'. The book is t;ivou an auilitu. About half ot the c. Wright family and th.. Uher contents are resolu- tions submitted to the soi-iety bv C.

The volume is from the press of R. Hartman, of IShick- shmiiy, read an excellent p. Ilartman proceeded to consider John I'ranUlin. He was a repre- sentative Conn. Others soon joined him as neigh- bors. Marshall, ""i'll'i ; 1;-. After ti ikine his motherless chil. Huntington is proud to claim such a man as the pioneer, leader.

We are in- foritii-d I. He was one of liiccrs in -Major I'owell'. I ' cemetery, in the otthe lit Rei ages Lieut. William Jones who were massacred by the sa on their in. Kreclod by the Brotherhood July 2. The iusciii'tion upon tiic original stone has been copied in the present one, except that the last two lines are rejilaced by the words "Lrected by a fri.

Brected over the graves of those two intn, m Hollenback Cemeterj'': Janus Lewers, immediately ,! IS are that Berwick was laid the data giveu above. He owns a tract ,;.. The First Forty of Iviiigrstoo. The Or lha[' "l',','.! Finding the enemy iu pof?

A little later it was determined to expel the Peuuamites and they accordingly surrounded the hlock house and demanded a surrender, in the name of Connecticut. Tripp, Elderkin and Follett into the blockhouse.

They were immediately seized nud taken to the Kaston jail, their 37 asso- ciates accompauyiufr of their own accord.

They were immediatelv bailed oat, returned to Wyoming and inaugurated the famous "Pennamite and Yankee War," whicli con- tinued for thirty years, ir terrupted in part only by ttie Revolutionary Wat. Jen- kins is authority for the stiittiiient that the Fennamites nnduuhteiily iii-tit;iited tie at- tack on Wromins; to clean out the tettlers and get possession of the lauds.

The fnllowiuE list of the rirst 40 settlors is from the. Steuben Jenkins of Wyoming: A list of the Proprietors or first Forty of Kingston: William buck, Nathaniel Wales, taimniittee. Gn Vine Klderkiu's riyhl, accepted Isaac Warner. On Joshua Hall's right, accepted John Perkins. Gn Cyprian Lathrop's right, accepted Palmer Jenkins. On Stephen Harding's right, accepted Israel ,Tones.

On Henry Dow Tripp's. Timothy Peirce, occupied by John Peirce. Vtherton, accepted James Ather- ton. Samuel Gaylord, accepted Timothy Gay- lord. Dorkee, President at Wilkes- Barry. Andkew Mftcalf, clerk to said forty. June ye 28, Their names, so far as they appear again, arc given above.

Now six first-class passenger trains run daily between Scranton and Carbondale well tilled. That recalls a remark made by Hon.

Piollct in a speech at the recent opening of the Lfchigh Valley Rlt. He said thai when Asa Packer was projectin: Patterson, C- Morgan, Jr. Ridgnay Wright read the minntes as also from the Rkcoud the account of thf.

A long list of contributions were ac- knowledged, among them the foUosiug: Cabinel— Indian implements, thong dress- er, hammer f. Sheldon Reynolds; arrow and spear points.

Laurence Francis Flick, Ed. Har- vey, Kansas Historical Society,. Buck, Glasgow Archaeological Society,. Duren, Santhsonian Institu- tion, Canadian Institute. Steuben Jen- kins, G. Monroe, Rhode Island Historical Society. Miner, Royal Academy of History Belles Lettres and Antiquity, Sweden, and the sev- eral governo'ent publications, of which the society's library is a depository.

Among the publications of interest was a catalogue of autographs belonging to estate of the late Lewis J. The contributions of Brinton Ooxe, Esq. Judge Dana spoke of a brief correspond- ence wiih Gen. Clarke, of Auburn, N. Chirk informed tho society of some inter- esting details of the route in the Wyoming region, and offered to furnish a copy of a paropldet on the subject at a sbght expense.

Clarke referred also to the death of Jones and Davis on the road near Laurel Run. His letter was accomiianied by a fac simile map of the route of Gen. Lodge, and gives considerable detail as to streams, mountains, settlements, etc. It is copied from the archives of the New Y'ork Historical Society and is one of a series of five maps covering the entire route of the Sullivan expedition.

They will be reproduced by the State of Now York and. S , 1 Liiipngn now being prepared v.: At tnis point M r. Ha rtraan read an admir- able oaper on the iUunt mgton Valley portion of Luzerne Coun t was a i.

Upon taking her sent M rs. Itaiu fall 2 00 inches lu Ibbii, 4. November, average teniiitialnre 35, 40 in and 35!

Adjournment was than had until the an- nual meeting in February. Many of the visitors remained and insptctf-d the map of the Sullivan Road and the. Ill Karly JUays i. I'he second was the old Norih and South road, e. K] I'ort Augusta, , ilcfober Sir: What induued me to give such an Order was what yon told me that evening 1 left Town, that vni.

Sam'l Huntkb The Historical Keeord. In a letter from Caleb V.. Such a puhliciliou was needed and should have been started at an earlier date. Send me all the numbers as I desire to bind them. Hill writes from Hazleton: VeiiiJ your best a:: There is a world ot m ; 1.

The following recently Jiscovered scrnp of history which has come into my hnnd- iis Becrctiiry ol the AVyomiut; Coiiiuieniorativo Association, is thought to be worihy of ii I liico in the Recokd: History to be of any real value should be correct iu details.

I have just been reading an article in No. The United States Government did not acquire one acre of land by way of dowry, when we received the young "Jjone Star" Republic into the sisterhood of States. Minded wilh advautatres th. I'hila- delphia Company for Pnir[,. Manufac- turers and the useful Artsiu the I'own of Berftick upon the Susiiuehanna," the view of which are to promote the inter- coo rso of a weighty part of the State which thev trust will bo advantageous thereto and disadvautage- ona to none.

We therefore wish that yoa will so far coincide with this. Signed by order and on behalf of the aforesaid company, by Benj'n S. Timothy Pickering, in a letter bearing the date Philadelphia,. It is high lime to move in the matter, k large ddt-gation from Philadelphia will be invitfJ ss well as from all the leading towns in the country.

The event is certainly an iiai iirt:. The Germantowu Tele'irnpli forXov. Ptfer Kejscr, a pioneer preacher in Germantown. The article is by Kev. This estimable lady, the widow of John B. Wood's maiden name wa. The Gore family was severely stricken by the Wyoming massacre. Eight members went into the tight and whin the sun went down uijou that blo'.

Asa and George V. I father of the late Mrs. Wood, and a Rioter iiiHrned. WiiCUft, of Nor- wich, N. A telegram to the Rkcoki from Sylvanus Ayres, Jr. Coryell was for several years a resi- dent of this city, actively engaged in devel- oping the resunrct- ot Wjouiinu' Valley, and his family havf a i.

Death to termination 1 ;i. Corjell's trainins naturally broujiht hiiii in sobterraue-in world ai;d! Iiii-ii an eK-sii eiintciideut is J. Iitu and her death ' i '. Apri id one son. Eonr of who re- yoming, Mrs. Athert on married lis in ISU, I 1.

MMrwIy liiusln-d hi- nuuisioi. IV-arce's "Aiinala of l. I 1 , litorof the Doyic-town Di-n',.. The pani ihlft written not ioiic; ago by Dr. L-fon- the Anthropological section of ih. John SmUh"s life by I'ocahout. The article is made valuable by fac smiiles of portraits of both the-o tii.

The shells had been ll. The Great I'lood of 18 In cimi- ineinoratioii of ti , i. S3 Pennsylvania Names, po. Foster S3 Letter from 1: Treatise on A Frontier Hero Cajjt. Hdl 96 Pioneer Physicians cf Wyoir.

Barnum Si Lack of Historical In'erest Bartlet't 92 Charles T. The most coniplelc l. Mocanaqiia, Xanticokc, I'oiiolwcot, Pittslon. Reaches every post-omcc in LiU'. Its epitome of the Local News, tlie Court Pro. It is the U:: Kling paper — as to its loci!

Historical Recoirf, Publish f. Record was started Septer. S6, and each number con. Sinf;le Copies, ij cents. The Printing Depa-rtnient Is prepa;ed to do alt k: The types and other applia.

It was dictiitcclto her f;rf.

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